Best time to eat bananas.

​ Bananas contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamin A etc, and iron, and the more mature the more more health benefits.​  Eating bananas daily will help in the following ways; ​ _fight anaemia ​ _blood pressure regulation​ _fight hungover ​ _reduce and reverse morning sickness ​ _banana peels treat mosquito bites​ __have Vitamin C which calms down … Continue reading Best time to eat bananas.

There Are Reasons and There Are Excuses…But Actually Excuses

Dream Big, Dream Often

When you really think about it, most of the “reasons” we use to explain why we didn’t do something or why we didn’t succeed, are actually excuses.

The most common excuses I receive in comments and emails are: not enough time and not enough money.  But didn’t Einstein, Bill Gates, Mark Cuban, Steve Jobs, etc. all have 24 hours in a day?  And haven’t there been millionaires start with no money to their name?

In my opinion a reason sounds like this…”I couldn’t pick up the spoon that fell on the floor because I have no hands.”  An excuse sounds like this…”I couldn’t pick up the spoon because I worked all day and my back is sore.”  The more I operate this blog the more I believe that the vast majority of us use excuses and not reasons.  I’m not judging, nor am I trying to give anyone a hard…

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