Look at this… 👀 Sweet potatoes benefits

Stabilized blood sugar High in antioxidants Boosts brain function Enhances immunity Promotes vision health Aids in weight loss.etc Look at this... 👀 https://pin.it/5IJSEb9 For other benefits please check the diagrams below

This happens to your body when you eat #ginger every day for a month

Boosts the immune system Lowers cholesterol Alleviate menstrual pain Promote bowel movement Reduce muscle pain Decrease nausea Anti-inflammatory etc etc Other health benefits are outlined in the diagrams below https://www.tips-and-tricks.co/health/happens-body-eat-ginger/2/

Turmeric face mask: Benefits, side effects, and how to use

#Turmeric may help treat; Acne Atopic dermatitis Skin aging Wounds Facial psoriasis etc. However it may have side effects like Burning, itching, stinging or soreness Flushed skin and inflammation Scaly skin etc. https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/turmeric-face-mask#conditions But still turmeric has so many other benefits as illustrated in the diagrams below. #turmeric.

Watch “10 Amazing Health Benefits of Including Carrots in Your Diet” on YouTube

Eat carrots for; Weight management Cancer Prevention Improved immunity system Improved dental health Improved eye health Healthy menstrual cycle Good digestive system etc etc https://youtu.be/JoiMQc6wQvE

Papaya the “fruit of angles”

Improve digestion Lowers cholesterol levels Weight loss Stimulates immune system Treat diabetes Healthy eyes Treat arthritis Relieves menstrual cramps Healthy skin Reduce anxiety. Etc etc https://www.facebook.com/396519727065231/posts/3737852466265257/?sfnsn=mo