What happens if there are grapes every day

Grapes health benefits Grapes in a basket Vision and memory will become stronger, and the mood will be higher. But healthy grapes also have a dark side. A quarter of the daily value of vitamin C, almost a third of the daily value of vitamin K, and also a decent dose of B vitamins, fiber, … Continue reading What happens if there are grapes every day

Look at this… 👀 Sweet potatoes health benefits

-lowers blood pressure -boosts cognitive function -improve digestive health -help prevent gout -assist weight loss -improve liver health -slow down aging process -good for people with diabetes -has anticancer properties. Etcetera Look at this... 👀 https://pin.it/33XBMsE

#Spinach health benefits

-prevents heart attacks -eye health -weight loss -anti_inflamation -prevents constipation -healthy mucus membrane -anti cancer properties -strong bones -good sleep -lowers blood pressure -good for brain and nervous system -heart health -boosts immune system. Etcetera https://www.facebook.com/396519727065231/posts/3550799934970512/?sfnsn=mo&extid=bSWvpVrLsg5kQufT&d=n&vh=e

Avocados _aid with weight loss _bad breath _eye health and much more.

Look at this... 👀 https://pin.it/1rE4dVT Facilitate digestion _heart health Immune system booster Lower blood cholesterol Treat atherosclerosis Packed with antioxidants Prevent diabetes Prevent stroke Regulates blood pressure Rich in fibre Skin health Treat psoriasis. Extra extra.

Beetroot: Healthy and tasty

Benefits and Risks Beetroot is a well known red colored root vegetable which is also considered as super-food these days. It is packed with many nutrients and has numerous health benefits. Beets also have some risk factors or side-effects associated with their over-consumption. Beetroot also has leaves on top, known as beet greens, are edible … Continue reading Beetroot: Healthy and tasty