Zucchini Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts.

Zucchini is a of the guard family such as pumpkins, butternut squash and melons. Botanically it's a fruit , in this case a berry. However it's prepared as a vegetable or sauteed, roasted, steamed or grilled. BENEFITS: Reduced risk of chronic desease Supports healthy digestion Regulates blood sugar Manages blood cholesterol Promotes healthy vision etc. … Continue reading Zucchini Health Benefits, Nutrition Facts.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Reduces cholesterol Weight management Wards off certain cancers Regulates blood sugar Aids muscle development Good for gut health Improve lung health Longer life. Etc etc https://www.health.com/nutrition/health-benefits-of-apples

10 VEGETABLES that are actually Fruits

Hey guys, hope you all are eating healthy and the first two words that pop up in your minds as soon as you hear healthy are fruits and veggies. According to our perception fruits tend to be more flamboyant and sweet whereas vegetables tend to be more on the greener side and after reading this … Continue reading 10 VEGETABLES that are actually Fruits

#Apples may help #treat;

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