Pumpkin For Wellness: Relish These Delicious And Healthy Desi Recipes With Winter Squash

Health benefits of pumpkin includes the following; Vitamin A for enhanced eyesight Vitamin C for desease resistance Antioxidants for revamping skin High in protein, fibre & potassium Augments heart functions Accelerates weight loss Rich in vitamin E, vitamin B9 or folate & Iron Elevates blood circulation Detoxifies the system. Etc etc https://m.netmeds.com/health-library/post/pumpkin-for-wellness-relish-these-delicious-and-healthy-desi-recipes-with-winter-squash

This happens to your body when you eat #ginger every day for a month

Boosts the immune system Lowers cholesterol Alleviate menstrual pain Promote bowel movement Reduce muscle pain Decrease nausea Anti-inflammatory etc etc Other health benefits are outlined in the diagrams below https://www.tips-and-tricks.co/health/happens-body-eat-ginger/2/

Asparagus health benefits

Asparagus is a healing vegetable with essential minerals like selenium, zinc and manganese, and therefore good for healthy immune system. It's high in vitamins A,K and B complex including folate which is ideal for a healthy cardiovascular health Contains aspartic acid, fibre and proteins. Helps maintain blood sugar levels. Prevents constipation. Stabilizes digestion. Strengths the … Continue reading Asparagus health benefits

#Spinach health benefits

-prevents heart attacks -eye health -weight loss -anti_inflamation -prevents constipation -healthy mucus membrane -anti cancer properties -strong bones -good sleep -lowers blood pressure -good for brain and nervous system -heart health -boosts immune system. Etcetera https://www.facebook.com/396519727065231/posts/3550799934970512/?sfnsn=mo&extid=bSWvpVrLsg5kQufT&d=n&vh=e