Berries types… 👀and benefits:NB

Acai Berry; -boosts skin health -stimulates healthy digestion -high in antioxidants -energy booster. Raspberry; -helps with anti-aging -antioxidants -good for bone health -promotes weight loss. Gooseberry; -aids in digestion -reduces blood sugar -improve eyesight -promotes hair growth. Strawberry; -source of vitamin C -aids in weight management -maintains healthy skin -good for heart health. Elderberry; -antioxidant … Continue reading Berries types… 👀and benefits:NB

Look at this… 👀 Sweet potatoes health benefits

-lowers blood pressure -boosts cognitive function -improve digestive health -help prevent gout -assist weight loss -improve liver health -slow down aging process -good for people with diabetes -has anticancer properties. Etcetera Look at this... 👀