Pumpkin For Wellness: Relish These Delicious And Healthy Desi Recipes With Winter Squash

Health benefits of pumpkin includes the following; Vitamin A for enhanced eyesight Vitamin C for desease resistance Antioxidants for revamping skin High in protein, fibre & potassium Augments heart functions Accelerates weight loss Rich in vitamin E, vitamin B9 or folate & Iron Elevates blood circulation Detoxifies the system. Etc etc https://m.netmeds.com/health-library/post/pumpkin-for-wellness-relish-these-delicious-and-healthy-desi-recipes-with-winter-squash

Berries types… 👀and benefits:NB

Acai Berry; -boosts skin health -stimulates healthy digestion -high in antioxidants -energy booster. Raspberry; -helps with anti-aging -antioxidants -good for bone health -promotes weight loss. Gooseberry; -aids in digestion -reduces blood sugar -improve eyesight -promotes hair growth. Strawberry; -source of vitamin C -aids in weight management -maintains healthy skin -good for heart health. Elderberry; -antioxidant … Continue reading Berries types… 👀and benefits:NB

Vegetables For Diabetes Patients and how to prepare for use.

Asparagus https://youtu.be/ZH9hFAfQlOs There could be no mention of Garlic in this video but it is widely used in many regions as a cure for diabetes. Green beans Spinach Onions Tomatoes Cabbage Okra ( lady's finger Kale Broccoli Bitter gourd/melon About how to prepare and use the various vegetables listed above please watch video on the … Continue reading Vegetables For Diabetes Patients and how to prepare for use.