10 VEGETABLES that are actually Fruits

Hey guys, hope you all are eating healthy and the first two words that pop up in your minds as soon as you hear healthy are fruits and veggies. According to our perception fruits tend to be more flamboyant and sweet whereas vegetables tend to be more on the greener side and after reading this … Continue reading 10 VEGETABLES that are actually Fruits

Cranberry juice benefits, backed by science

Hig in vitamin C May prevent and treat UTIs May protect heart health May reduce blood pressure May improve cholesterol levels Prevents dental plague Prevents gut infections Fights age-related damage Supports post-monopausal health Is a potent anti-inflammatory Reduces diabetes risk May reduce flu virus severity Protects brain health. Etc etc https://www.netdoctor.co.uk/healthy-eating/a34201290/cranberry-juice-benefits/

Foods That Help Strengthen Our Immune System

Now more than ever we need to activate our defense mechanisms to protect ourselves from ever so spreading novel coronavirus COVID-19, not to mention all other viruses and infections around us. And I don’t mean masks, gloves and other pieces of PPE, I mean our internal mechanism to ward off pathogens – the immune system. … Continue reading Foods That Help Strengthen Our Immune System